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Twilight Saga Books In Order [How to Read Twilight Saga]



“I may not be a human, but I am a man.” The twilight saga is a Fantasy, Romance Series that tells the story of a love triangle between A Wolf, A Human, and A Vampire. Here is the list of all Twilight Saga books in order of Publication

BooksYear of Publication
Twilight -2005
Midnight Sun-2020
New Moon-2006
The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner-2010
Breaking Dawn-2008
in what order should i watch Twilight Saga Book series

About Twilight Saga Book Series

Twilight Saga book is one of the most popular Fantasy Romance series out there. Written by Stephenie Meyer, the series tells you the story of Isabella Swan who falls in love with a Vampire. The series turns very addictive and interesting when a werewolf proposes to Bella and she is in the middle of a Werewolf and a Vampire.

The Writing of this series is very soft and the entire series is filled with Suspense. The series is told from Isabella’s point of view of loving a Monster. The books in the series have a very slow pace but become fast at the end. The characters in the series are built as the series progress and we are able to see a strong bond building between the characters in the series.

Who is Isabella Swan?

Isabella Swan is a seventeen-year-old girl who decides to live with her father when her parents get divorced. She moves to fork, where she falls in love with Vampire.

Twilight Saga Books In Order: How to Read Twilight Saga books?

Twilight Saga is an Amazing Story of a love triangle between a Werewolf, a Human, and a Vampire. The series starts when Bella Swan falls in love with a Vampire and the Entire series is about how they fight with all the Danger together to keep the promise they have made to each other.

The series has six books with one Novella. the series has a very straight read without any jumps or prequel, accept the last book in the series which tells the story of Twilight from Edwards Perspective.

This is extremely Important to Read Twilight Saga books in order because very book continues the story where it was finished in the previous book. Hence, in order to understand the story, you have to follow an order to read the twilight books.

The best order to read Twilight Saga books is to follow the chronological order, because this is how story flow and the relationship between the characters are built.

Here is the list of all Twilight Saga books in order to read.

  • Twilight – After the divorce of her parents, Isabella Swan decides to live with her father, so she decides to move to fork, A small rainy town in Washington. Isabella falls in love with Edward Cullen, whom she met in school. But Edward has a secret, Complication between their relation increases when Bella comes to know that Edward is a Vampire, Not a Human Being. But this is just the beginning. Bella is in Danger because nobody will agree to this relation. Especially Other Vampires in the town.
  • Midnight Sun – This book was released in 2020, This book is a retelling of “Twilight” from Edwards point of view. The Original Twilight series is told from Bella’s Point of View. This book explains the character of Edwards in detail, The kind of relationship he shares with his family and Especially Alice.
  • New Moon – It’s Tough for Bella to live in the life of Edward. When Bella is Attack by his brother, Edward finally decides to leave her and keep all Vampire things away. Bella is depressed and in Pain when she meets Jacob. Jacob helps Bella to recover from Pain. When Jacob tells Bella about his secret and what he feels about her, She is confused at the same time, Alice Approaches Bella to tell the situation of Edward.
  • Eclipse – Bella is in the middle, one side there is Edward, the love of his life, and on the other side Jacob, her best friend who helps her in her difficult situation. Bella has to make a decision a werewolf or a Vampire. In addition to this mysterious killings are going on around the town and Bella may be the next target.
  • The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner – This is a Novella which is dedicated to Bree Tanner, She is a Vampire from Victoria’s Vampire Army. Bree Tanner is her to hunt on Bella Swan and Cullen Family, But things Change when she meets her first friend.
  • Breaking Dawn – This is the last book in this series. Bella Finally chooses Edward and they both marry Each other. Bella Gets pregnant and when she is giving birth to a half Vampire, she is about to die. Edward had no choice but to make her a Vampire. Bella Turns into a Vampire and They both name their daughter “Renesmee”.

Other Books In Twilight Saga Series

In Addition to six main books in the series, their are three additional books which will help you to understand and know what happened after the ending of Twilight Saga series.

  • Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined – This book tells the love story of Beau and Edythe. this book tells the story of how Beaufort Swan moves to fork and meets Edythe Cullen and after a lot of difference and Dangers they finally end up being together.
  • The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide – this book takes you to the world of Stephenie Meyer where you can explore what happened after the end of Twilight Saga.
  • Bedazzled: A Book About Stephenie Meyer and the Twilight Phenomenon – This book is all about behind the scenes of creating Twilight saga books and movies.

Twilight Saga Books In Order of Publication

There is not much difference between the chronological and publication order of the series. Accept the book “Mid Night Sun” Tells the story from Edwards’s perspective and is a prequel to New Moon. Here is the list of all Twilight saga books in Publication order.

  • Twilight
  • New Moon
  • Eclipse 
  • The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner
  • Breaking Dawn
  • Midnight Sun

How many Twilight books were there?

There are In Total Nine Books in Twilight Saga Series. Six books are the main books with one Novella which tells the story of Twilight Saga, while Other three books are non-fiction which tells the addition story after the Twilight saga Ended.

Is Midnight Sun part of the Twilight saga?

Midnight Sun is the sixth and the last book in Twilight Saga Series. The book is a re-read of the first book in the series. It tells the story of the first book in the series from Edward’s Point of View.

Other Books Like Twilight Saga Series


Twilight Saga is one of the most popular Romance Fantasy series which has sold 160 million copies around the world. created by Stephanie Meyer, the series is about the Girl Isabella who falls in love with a Vampire.

The popularity of books Brought Isabella and Edward on the Screen and a complete series of five movies were based on the twilight books with the same name. Here in this article I have Provides the best order to read the twilight saga series.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comment section.

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