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The Selection Books In Order [How to Read Selection Series]



The Selection Series is for you! if you love to read romance and Love Triangles. The selection series takes place in a dystopian world and is a story of love, romance, friendship, and life. Every Character in this series has its ups and down which will make you laugh, cry, and go fight the world. here is the list of all selection books in order of publication

BooksYear of Release
The Selection-2012
The Prince-2013
The Elite-2013
The Guard-2014
The One-2014
The Queen-2014
The Heir-2015
The Favorite-2015
The Crown-2016
in what order should i read Selection book series

About The Selection Series

Written by Kiera Cass, The Selection is a Young Adult Series which takes you to a dystopian world, in the country of Illea. The country is divided into Provinces and is ruled by the Royal family. People of Illea are divided into Caste in the form of Ranking ranging from One to Eight. The Royal Family Ranks One, while the Eighth Rank is given to Untouchables.

The Selection is a competition to find Queen for The Prince. 35 girls are chosen for the competition from the nation and the winner will marry the prince and future heir, in addition to this, the whole family of the girl will shift to Rank One.

The Selection Series Tells the Story of America Singer, who is an artist from rank five is chosen for the selection competition. But, she is in relation with Aspen who is a guy from Rank six. America has to decide either she wants to be with Aspen or fight to change her and her families fortune.

The Selection Books In Order: How To Read The Selection Series?

The selection Series Consist of Nine Books! the Original Trilogy which tells the story of America participate in the Selection, four novellas which tells the story of characters before the competition, and two books which continues the story.

There are two ways to read the selection series, you can either read the selection series in chronological order or you can follow the release order. The best order to read the selection series is to follow the chronological order.

Novellas in the series tell the story before the competition, reading the first would be a great idea this will let you know about the characters and their relationships before the competition. Here is the list of All selection books in order of chronology.

  • The Queen – This is a Novella which tells the story from Queen Amberly’s point of view. The book Explains teenage years of Queen Amberly and how she won the selection and how King Clarkson and she were in deep love. It also explains how the king dared to marry Amberly after knowing her secret and her caste.
  • The Prince – This book is written in Prince Maxon’s Point of View, The book takes you a few weeks before selection. It explains the relationship of Prince with another girl to the first day of the competition. Prince is very scared and doubtful about the competition, unlike others, Prince is very charming and sweet and takes care of every girl in the competition.
  • The Selection – This book tells the story of the selection competition, 35 girls are selected and will fight for the heart of the Prince. Initially, America is very clear that she has nothing to do with the competition, she is in a relationship with Aspen but after meeting Prince she Realises that Prince is all what she ever needed and this could also help her family. Now she has to make a choice between Aspen and the Prince.
  • The Elite – The selection competition is going on and only six girls are left. Meanwhile, America starts meeting a prince and developing a relationship with him. The book explains Americas Confusion between Aspen and Maxon while the selection is still going on.
  • The Guard – Novella, This books tells the story from Aspen’s Point of View, Aspen manages to get Job as a guard in the Palace and tries to explain his situation to America. Aspen really loves America and is ready to do whatever it takes. But, America has to make choice because the competition is about to get over.
  • The One – With Whatever Happened with Aspen, America Finally decides to fight for the prince. The selection is about to get over and America is clear about her future and now she has only one option that is to win the competition.
  • The Epilogue – this book is a quick eleven-page story which takes you two years after the selection on Maxon’s birthday.
  • The Favorite – This Novella is told from Marlee point of view. Marlee is Americas best friend, she understands her situation and knows what she truly wants. Marlee Explains America her and carters story which makes America finally take the decision, This book tells the story “After the Guard”
  • The Heir – This book tells the story after 20 years of the selection, This book tells the story of Princess Edlyn, Americas and Maxon’s first child were twins. Eadlyn and Ahren, Eadlyn was born first so she is the heir. this book is all about Eadlyn who is preparing to become queen and has grown up listening to her parent’s stories.
  • The Crown – This is the last book in the series, and finally concludes the selection with Eadlyn becoming the queen. Eadlyn is going through the selection,  Whatever choice she makes, she must follow what her heart speaks.

The selection Books In Publication Order

The chronological order and the publication order of the series are different if you want to read the series in publication order its perfectly fine but, still I would highly recommend you to follow chronological order to read the series. Here is the list of all selection books in publication order.

  • The Selection -2012
  • The Prince -2013
  • The Elite -2013
  • The Guard -2014
  • The One -2014
  • The Queen -2014
  • The Heir -2015
  • The Favorite -2015
  • The Crown -2016

How many books are in the selection series?

The selection series consists of Nine Books. A trilogy which tells the story of the selection competition, four novellas which tell the story from other characters point of view and further two more books which continues the story after the competition.

Which book is first in the selection series?

It depending on the way you want to read the series, when we talk about the chronological order, The Queen is the first book and when we talk about the Publication order, The selection was the first book to get published.

Is the selection book series A movie?

The popularity of the selection series turning into a movie, the movie is directed by Saudi Arabian filmmaker Haifaa Al-Mansour and will release on Netflix on July 6, 2021.

Is the selection series finished?

The Crown is the last book in the series with which the Selection series ends, Eadlyn become the Queen and motivated by her father Eadlyn marries Eikko (Erik) Koskinen, who was not in the Selection.


The selection series is written by Kiera Cass,  #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Selection Series. the selection series became very popular in no time and become one of the best fantasy Romance series, A separate television series was also made on the selection which was aired on The CW Television Network in the year 2012.

Here in this article, I have provided the best order which you should follow in order to read in this series. if you have any other questions let me know in the comments.

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