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Longmire Books In Order [How to Read Longmire Books]



“I don’t trust people who don’t like animals. Hell, animals are the finest people I know.”

Longmire series is one of the finest thriller series out there. Based on the story of Walt Longmire, a sheriff in fictional Absaroka County, Wyoming Longmire with his friend Henry Standing Bear is committed to washing out criminals from his territory. Here is the list of all Longmire Books in order of publication.

BooksBooks In Publication Order
The Cold Dish-2004
Death Without Company-2006
Kindness Goes Unpunished-2007
Another Man’s Moccasins-2008
The Dark Horse-2009
Junkyard Dogs-2010
Hell Is Empty-2011
Divorce Horse-2012
As the Crow Flies-2012
A Serpent’s Tooth-2013
Spirit of Steamboat-2013
Any Other Name-2014
Dry Bones-2015
The Highwayman-2016
An Obvious Fact-2016
The Western Star-2017
Depth of Winter-2018
Land of Wolves-2019
Next to Last Stand-2020
in what order should i read Longmire Book Series

About Longmire Book Series

Longmire Series is a crime thriller book series based on the Character of Walt Longmire, a sheriff in fictional Absaroka County. The series is written by Craig Johnson. The series was started in 2004 with “The Cold Dish” and since then Craig is adding books in this series.

The series has a great storyline, filled with suspense and mystery and Craig Johnson has written it in a very light tone. The character of Sheriff is built with the series along with him, the characters also very interesting and entertaining.

The popularity of Longmire turned him into Television series from books which was aired on A&E and the fourth season of the series was released on Netflix.

Who is Walt Longmire?

Walt Longmire is the sheriff of Absaroka County, he is a tough man with western values of independence, justice. He is a widow, his wife died when she was 25 due to cancer. Walt shares a strong bond with Cody, who is a lawyer in Philadelphia. Henry Standing Bear is his best friend, Walt calls him whenever the situation is out of his control.

Longmire Books In Order: How to Read Longmire Books?

The series starts with Longmire again winning the election and becoming the sheriff of the county. The series takes you on a ride of cases that are solved by Longmire with his friend Henry. The chronological and publication order of the series is the same so the reading of this series is straight publication order.

How many Craig Johnson Longmire Books are There?

The Longmire series consists of 22 books of which four books are novellas that contain, The short story around the character of Walt Longmire and Absaroka County.

Do You Have to Read Longmire Books in Order?

This is extremely important to read Longmire books in order because the characters are built as the series progresses, and there is a various instance when there is a need to know the previous story to understand the plot. The best order to read the Longmire series is to follow the publication order.

What is the order of the Longmire book series?

  • The Cold Dish – Cody Pritchard with his three other friends were suspended from high school for raping a local Cheyenne girl. Walt has been working as sheriff of Absaroka County for 25 Years and is preparing for his retirement but his peace is disturbed when Cody Pritchard is found Dead, Walt has to hurry up as somebody is seeking retribution and the other three might be on the hit list.
  • Death Without Company – Dead Body of Mari Baroja is found in an assisted living facility. It seems like a natural death but for Lucian Connally, it’s hard to believe and according to her it’s a murder. Walt starts his investigation and finds that the case is much more complex than it appears. There are many hidden secrets and lies involved in the case.
  • Kindness Goes Unpunished – This is the book in which Walt’s best friend, Henry Standing Bear is properly introduced. They both make a plan to go to Philadelphia to meet Cady. When they reach there, they find that Cady is beaten brutally and has been left on the steps of Franklin Institute. Walt and Henry start to help Police to catch the bad guys.
  • Another Man’s Moccasins – The body of a young Vietnamese woman is found in Absaroka County and Sheriff Walt is called on the scene. But everybody is stunned when a photo of young Walt Longmire with the dead woman is found in her purse. The murder has a connection to Walt’s past in Vietnam and his present.
  • The Dark Horse – Mary Barsad is transferred to the tiny jail of Walt, She is accused of killing his husband when he tried to kill her by burning her alive in a barn. According to the Neighboring sheriff’s she is found guilty and she has confessed her crime, But for Walt, her confession is hard to digest.
  • Junkyard Dogs A sliced Piece of Thumb is found in a cooler in the Stewart junkyard and is little-noticed by anyone by is informed to the sheriff Walt. Upon investigation, This is not just a piece of thumb but a lead to drugs, kidnapping, secrets, and a dark criminal world.
  • Hell Is Empty – Raynaud Shade with two other sociopaths has escaped from custody with two FBI Hostages. They are hiding in the Bighorn mountains and have confessed to killing a ten-year-old boy. Longmire with a Colt .45, a Sharpe’s rifle has to trace them out to protect hostages and put criminals behind bars.
  • Divorce Horse – This is an Ebook with short stories related to Walt Longmire.
  • As the Crow Flies – Everyone is happy and excited because Cady is getting married in two weeks and arrangements are made in Cheyenne Reservation, But Something unexpected happens which could disturb the function. Walt and Herny set to find who is behind all his but in the process they find women jumping from a cliff. Walt and Henry are in the middle of Cady’s wedding and helping the police, solve the case.
  • Christmas in Absaroka County – This is a set of four Christmas stories related to Walt Longmire.
  • Messenger – eBook short story
  • A Serpent’s Tooth – A Teenage boy is missing and was thrown out of his Mormon splinter group because of his rebellious behavior, Sheriff is asked to investigate and he teams up with Vic and Henry and they are out in search of the boy’s mother. The sheriff has to mate various criminals in his life but this is going to a group of them, led by Roy Lynear.
  • Spirit of Steamboat – This is a novella of 146 Pages, A young woman approaches the sheriff and she wants to meet Lucian Connally, the previous Sheriff. A lot of history and secrets are opened when Walt takes the young woman to Lucian.
  • Any Other Name – Dead body of Detective Gerald Holman is found in an adjacent county, who was also one of the good friends of Lucian. She asks Walt to take on the case and carry out an investigation to find the truth behind the Suicide of Gerald Holman.
  • Wait for Signs – This is a book that contains, twelve Longmire stories in addition to the main series.
  • Dry Bones – Sheriff Walt Longmire’s jurisdiction is in media coverage because The fossil of a Tyrannosaurus rex is discovered in Absaroka County. But meanwhile, the body of Danny Lone Elk found. he was the owner of the property in which the fossils are located. Walt Longmire in the middle of all chaos has to find the truth behind Danny’s death.
  • The Highwayman – This book is one of the most puzzling book in the series. Rosey Wayman is transferred to Wind River Canyon. which is known as no man’s land. The trouble of Rosey starts when she gets a call for help but the calls are from Bobby Womack, a legendary Arapaho patrolman who is supposed to be dead a century ago.
  • An Obvious Fact – This is just the beginning of a dangerous ride for Walt and Henry when they are called to Hulett, Wyoming for investigation. A young bike goes off-road and ends up in a critical condition in the largest motorcycle rally in the world.
  • The Western Star – Walt is in Cheyenne for a hearing of parole hearing for a convict who Walt does not want to be released. Longmire’s first murder investigation comes up and he has to explain how someone gest killed in a train with 24 sheriffs and security staff.
  • Depth of Winter – Walt’s beloved daughter, Cady has been kidnapped by a dangerous hitman from Mexico, who is also Walt’s one of enemies. when the American and Mexican governments are not able to help Walt, he sets on a journey to protect cady in the Northern Mexican desert alone.
  • Land of Wolves – A Wolf has found in the Basque county of Absaroka, but there are no wolves in the county for years. after a few days, a hanging body of a shepherd is found indicating that it’s a suicide. when Longmire starts his investigation, this closed looking case turns up into betrayal, family intrigue, and vigilante justice.
  • Next to Last Stand – This is the last entry in the series, Charlie Lee Stillwater is found dead and a piece of The famous painting of Custard’s Last Fight found in his belongings. This is suspicious because the painting was destroyed in 1946. Walt is ready for another adventure that will open up many secrets.

Is Craig Johnson still writing Longmire books?

Their is no sign of next entry in Longmire series, the latest book “Next To Last Stand” was released on 22 september 2020. which makes a total of 22 books with novellas in this series.

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Craig Johnson is one of the most popular crime thriller written by Craig Johnson. The series enjoyed a huge success with many books earning the New York Bestseller title. The Dark Horse received the Publisher’s weekly award in 2009 while Cold Dish was the finalist for Dily’s awards.

Craig Johnson is one of the famous American Writer, currently living in Ucross, near Sheridan, Wyoming. In adition to writing books Craig is a playwrighter and writer of many short stories. In This article I have Provided a Complete guide on how to read Craig Johnsons Longmire series.

If you have any other Quarry let me know in comments.

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