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Jesse Stone Books In Order [How to Read Jesse Stone Book Series]



Jesse Stone is a crime thriller book Series written by Robert B. Parker. It tells you the story of an alcoholic Cop, Jesse Stone, who was dismissed from his job as a Homicide detective At LAPD but hired as chief of police for the small town of Paradise, Massachusetts. Here is the list of All Jesse Stone Books In Order of Publication.

BooksYear of PublicationWritten By
Night Passage-1997Robert B. Parker
Trouble in Paradise-1998Robert B. Parker
Death in Paradise-2001Robert B. Parker
Stone Cold-2003Robert B. Parker
Sea Change-2005Robert B. Parker
High Profile-2007Robert B. Parker
Stranger in Paradise-2008Robert B. Parker
Night and Day-2009Robert B. Parker
Split Image-2010Robert B. Parker
Killing The Blues-2011Michael Brandman
Fool Me Twice-2012Michael Brandman
Damned If You Do-2013Michael Brandman
Blind Spot-2014Reed Farrel Coleman
The Devil Wins-2015Reed Farrel Coleman
Debt to Pay-2016Reed Farrel Coleman
The Hangman’s Sonnet-2018Reed Farrel Coleman
Colorblind-2018Reed Farrel Coleman
The Bitterest Pill-2019Reed Farrel Coleman
Fool’s Paradise-2020Reed Farrel Coleman
in what order should i read Jesse Stone Book series

About Jesse Stone Series

Jesse Stone’s series tells the story of the life of a fictional character Jesse Stone. He used to play baseball and was a minor league baseball shortstop but, Got an Injury in his throwing hand while playing and ended up working as a Homicide detective in LAPD.

After getting divorced, Jesse Stone Ended up being an Alcoholic and left his job. The story starts showing Jesse being depressed and trying to talk with his Ex. Wife. After dealing with his problems and looking for a job, Jesse Stone finally gets a job As a police chief for the small town of Paradise, Massachusetts.

Everything Seems Quiet and Peaceful until Stone is introduced to the dark side of Paradise and come to know about the truth behind his getting hired by the corrupt president and activities going on in this small town. Jesse Stone Sees things as an opportunity to improve his life and situation and takes a pledge to set things right in Paradise.

The series tells how Jesse stone started from being depressed and thrown out of LAPD, works, and Gets back to LAPD As one of the highly skilled detectives. The Jesse Stone Series was a Huge Hit, and the series’s popularity turned out in a blockbuster movie series starring Tom Selleck.

Jesse Stone Books In Order: How To Read Jesse Stone Series?

There are 19 books in the series written by three different writers. Robert B. Parker writes the first nine books in the series. Sadly After he died in 2010, The series was continued by Michael Brandman and Reed Farrel Coleman. The series started in 1997 with “Night Passage” and “Fool’s Paradise” was released in 2020.

The series starts with introducing you to the lead character Jesse Stone and explains his situation. Every book in the series is a set of events happening in a Smalltown, and Jesse Stone investigating and going deep into the dark side of Paradise.

The Chronological and Publication Order of the series is the same. The series doesn’t have jumps and is a straight story that progresses in publication order. Hence the best way to read The Jesse stone books is to read them in publication order. Here is the order which you should follow in order to read the Jesse Stone series.

  • Night Passage – Jesse Stone is out of LAPD Because of his Drinking Problem. While looking for Job, Jesse Stone is hired as Chief of Police by the President of A Small town of Paradise. Jesse Stone is happy about his job but has questions about his recruitment. After Working For a week, Jesse Stone finds that the Town is not as peaceful as it looks. After investigating, he comes to know about the truth behind his recruitment and the situation of Paradise.
  • Trouble in Paradise – The Sequel starts with Jesse Stone, and He and his ex-wife, Jenn, are not able to move on. Jenn works as an Anchor in a local news channel in Boston, and Both of them are missing each other. Jimmy Macklin plans to pull off the connecting bridge between Stiles Island and Paradise. For him, Stiles Island Is an ultimate investment opportunity. But, James is unaware of the fact that Jesse Stone is the police officer in Paradise.
  • Death in Paradise – Jesse is called when the body of a teenage girl is out on the inlet shore. Upon investigating, Jesse finds a nearby city, Boston. Jesse Digs into the girl’s history and finds that her family and schoolmates misused the girl. Jesse is very disturbed by the whole incident and is investigating hard to find the culprit. Besides, Jenn Continues’ problems as they both start to sleep with their new partners but are unable to forget each other.
  • Stone Cold – A series of murders takes place without any motive. But, they have one thing standard A 22 caliber shot to their chest. Jesse Stone Pulls up his socks to figure out who is behind all this, but the issue is, There is no Evidence! While investigating, Stone is shocked to know about the rape of a young high school girl. Everything is getting messed. Jesse Stone and Team have to hurry up and find the culprit before it’s too late.
  • Sea Change – This is when boat Races, and Jesse and his staff are busy dealing with it! But everybody gets shocked when a decomposing body of a young woman washes up onshore. Upon investigation, Jesse Finds that she is Florence Horvath from a wealthy family in Florida. Things get complicated for Jesse When her sister starts to demand justice, everyone asks about the teenage girl being part of the Boat Race.
  • High Profile – Jesse Stone is at the center when a celebrity’s body is located hanging on the outskirts of Paradise. Jesse Stone is investigating the case, but pressure from locals and media doubles when another young woman’s body is discovered.
  • Stranger in Paradise – Crow is back to Paradise and takes the job to locate the missing daughter of Florida’s crime kingpin. While discovering the girl, crow finds that his wife was trying to hide the kid from him. Kingpins Orders Crow to kill his wife, but crow loves her wife. He partners with Jesse Stone to Protect her, But things will not be easy for both of them.
  • Night and Day – Paradise is a hub of criminals and Jesse stone is fighting alone with them. Stone Constantly faces deadly attacks, organized crimes, and threats. Still, this time, as the Sun sets in Paradise, two unusual things are happening. A man is obsessed with watching women undress at night and writes to Jesse Stone that he will take his obsession further.
  • Split Image – The body of a thug is found in the trunk of his car with a couple of bullets in his head. but this is not the end because a series of murders takes places while Jesse is investigating on the case. Its Happy Time for Jesse because he starts a happy relation with Boston private investigator Sunny Randall, Both of them have recovered from a nasty relation. This book was the last book written by Robert B. Parker after this the series is continued by Michael Brandman and Reed Farrel Coleman.
  • Killing The Blues – Its the time of tourist at paradise, Jesse finally moves to a new house and gets a cat. A series of crime wave starts and Jesse stone is in the middle of All, Cars being Stolen, A freed prisoner who carries grudges for him, case of the bullying of a high-school girl and a lovely lady.
  • Fool Me Twice – The best part about this book is that it has a complex story with an amazing twist. A Hollywood company is making a film with Marisol Hinton who is a very popular actress. She wants to divorce her alcoholic husband who physically assaulted her in the past. Jesse Stone with his team is on high alert when Marisol starts to get death threats.
  • Damned If You Do – This book is 12th instalment in the series where Jesse stone involved in two cases at the same time. Murder of Young Prostitute and case of elder abuse at the local retirement home. Upon investigation Jesse stone finds himself head to head with a big corporation.
  • Blind Spot – Vic Prado, Jesse stones former teammate makes it to majors. Jesse Takes leave of a couple of days to attend a reunion of his old minor league baseball club. Vic Gets involved in a financial scheme with gangsters in paradise and wants to ask Jesse’s help but before he asks Jesse, a young college girl is killed and her boyfriend gets kidnapped. Jesse has to get things right but Vic Makes it tough for him by opening old emotional wounds.
  • The Devil Wins – This time things are very challenging for Jesse three bodies are discovered in an industrial part of Paradise. one of the body is not even one day old while the other two are the skeleton of two young girls who were missing 25 years ago.
  • Debt to Pay – Everything is back to normal in Paradise but things get messed up for Jesse when a Boston crime boss is brutally murdered. Jesse Suspects Mr Peepers but Evidence tells a different story. This case is very complex and is going to be tough for Jesse.
  • The Hangman’s Sonnet– paradise is planning a birthday party for a folk singer Terry Jester. the security responsibility is on Jesse Stone because his deputy is busy getting married. Soon After the party, something unusual is going to happen which is tough to decode.
  • Colorblind – As Jesse Joins his duty back a racially motivated series of crimes start to happen. An African American woman is found dead and this is just the beginning. The Police force of paradise gets their first black officer Alisha As deputy of Jesse, Together they have to find out who is behind all this.
  • The Bitterest Pill – The death of a popular high school cheerleader due to heroin overdose has made the police force on high alert about the spreading epidemic. Jesse Stone has to investigate and find out who is behind all this as soon as possible.
  • Fool’s Paradise – This Book is the last installment in the Jesse Stone series. a dead body is found floating in the lake of Paradise and upon investigation, Jesse suspects that the murder is the same man which he met in the evening Jesse has no clues except a lead is from a taxi company.

How many Jesse Stone books did Robert Parker write?

There are a total of nineteen books in the series from which first nine books are written by Robert B. Parker, Three of them are written by Michael Brandman and the rest seven are written by Reed Farrel Coleman.

What is the first Jesse Stone novel?

Night Passage is the first book in Jesse Stone Series which was published in 1997. The Book introduces you with the characters and his situation. The story starts when Jesse Stone is hired as chief of Police in the small town of Paradise.

What Is The Next Book In The Jesse Stone Series?

The latest book in the series “Fool’s Paradise” which was released in 2020, There is no official notification from Publication and writers about the next instalment in the series.


Jesse Stone Series is one of the most popular Crime thriller Series Written by Robert B. Parker, One of the well known American Writer. He won Edgar Awards twice and was awarded by Mystery Writers of America. Again in 1983 he received the Maltese Fiction Award from Japan for his work Early Autumn.

Here in this article, I have provided a complete list of all the books in the Jesse Stone Series in order of publication. the Order to read the series is simple, follow the publication order. If You have Any other quarry let me know in the comment section.

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