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Harry Hole Books In Order [How to Read Harry Hole Series]



I am not a guy who likes to read Detective novels Unless it The Harry hole Series, The Beauty of Crime Fiction series depends on the Puzzle and With Harry hole, Jo Nesbo does a Great Job, In The Entire Series I Kept Wondering about the culprit but Not even for Once I could really predict. Here is the list of all Harry Hole Books in order of publication.

Harry Hole BooksPublication Year
The Bat-1997
The Redbreast-2000
The Devil’s Star-2003
The Redeemer-2005
The Snowman-2007
The Leopard-2009
The Thirst-2017
in what order should i read Harry Hole Book series

About Harry Hole Book Series

Harry Hole series based on the homicide detective Inspector Harry Hole who works in Oslo Police is Written by Norwegian novelist and musician Jo Nesbø. In the Last Twenty years, twelve books are released in the series and the entire series is a huge hit around the world.

The Series has published in 40 different languages and have sold about 30 million copies. The Best part about Jo Nesbo and Harry Hole Series is that Nesbo uses Fore Shadowing a lot that makes his book Interesting.

Harry Hole is a gifted Detective, He is master of his work but lives a very problematic life. He smokes and drinks a lot and has lost his mother at a very early age. He has a sister who is suffering from down’s syndrome and Rakel is her love but, he shares an inconsistent life with her. Oleg is his son, the only person with whom harry shares a strong and happy relationship.

Harry Hole is Fantastic at his job and this series is all about harry trying to perform his job with his personal problems. Sometimes Harry uses unusual ways to solve cases which creates a problem for his colleagues.

Harry Hole Books In Order: How To Read Harry Hole Series?

Harry Hole is one of the best selling crime thrillers and his has twelve books. The Answer to the Question What order should I read Harry Hole books? is Simple, Books in this series are about the cases which Harry solves, The entire series is a straight story with any prequel or jumps. Hence the best order to read harry hole series is to follow the publication order.

The Series starts with Introducing you with the character and his life and this there is a series of cases which grows in complexity as we move with the series.

Here is the list of all Harry Hole books in order of publication

  • The Bat – A Norwegian citizen is raped and murdered in Sidney Australia and Harry is called for help in the investigation. Harry starts his investigation but a simple Murder Turns into Serial Killing. The Entire Police Department is at high alert, Harry has to Catch the disturbed killer soon.
  • Cockroaches – Norwegian Ambassador is found dead with a knife in the back. Harry Hole gets the Duty to Investigate the case so he goes to Thailand and starts his investigation. But this Homicide is unusual, Upon Investigation Harry gets a lead for political connection. Further harry has to deal with Thai Mafias and Criminals to find the culprit.
  • The Redbreast – Harry does an unavoidable mistake during a U.S. Presidential visit. To cover up police force promotes him to security services and now he is busy surveilling neo-Nazi activity. A Nazi sympathiser is killed and involves himself in the case, It becomes more complex when Harry comes to know about the purchase of powerful assassins rifle by a Norwegian.
  • Nemesis – An ATM teller is found dead and the case finally comes in the hands of harry when the department is unable to make any progress, Meanwhile, Anna, Harry’s girlfriend is found dead on the night when they both were together and doesn’t remember anything. The case is in the hands of Tom Waaler and complication increase for Harry when a warrant is issued against him.
  • The Devil’s Star – Someone very close to harry gets killed, Harry knows who is behind all this but is unable to produce evidence. He starts to drink a lot and behave abnormally which increases complication in his personal and professional life. Its the time of summer and a woman is found ritually murdered in her apartment. Unfortunately, Harry has to take on the case and his problems increase when Tom Waaler is assigned to help him.
  • The Redeemer – Robert Karlsen, a member of the Salvation Army is shot dead in a public concert, Stankic was hired for this but shoots the wrong Karlsen. To set things right, he makes another plan but is caught by harry before he could execute his plan. Further investigation leads him to Croatia where he realises that Stankic is being handled by his mother. She tells everything to harry when he makes a promise to protect her son.
  • The Snowman – On the day of a first snowfall of the year, A boy reports that his mother is missing and the only clue is a red scarf-wearing snowman. Harry has changed a lot, he drinks in control and exercises daily. He teams up with Katrine Bratt, a workaholic and smart investigator and together they figure out A pattern of eleven different women missing on the first day of snowfall.
  • The Leopard – Two Women are found dead and the case takes media coverage quickly because they were a member of the Norwegian Parliament. There are no clues and the police department is unable to do anything. Harry is found nowhere because he resigned from the police department. A young detective traces him and tries to convince him to take on the case, Harry agrees to come back when he is told about the condition of his father.
  • Phantom – It’s been three years Harry left everything, Rakel, Police department and Oslo and is settled in Hong Kong. But he has to come back to protect his child. Oleg is found Guilty for the murder of junkie. Harry is no longer a policeman and cannot take on the case. From department side, the case shut but harry believes on Oleg and is ready to dive into the puzzle which involves criminals, dealers, a corrupt policeman and, politicians.
  • Police – Harry is no longer a policeman and is untraceable, After a long time a series of murders start to take place and this time on police officers are on target. Media coverage is increasing and everyone is questioning about the security issues, Its high time that Harry has to come back from his Retirement.
  • The Thirst – A series are reported to Police and there is a pattern, All the victims are Tinder Addicts. Harry is working as a lecturer in the police academy. When the Police department is unable to catch the Culprit, Police Chief Mikael Bellmon is no other option but to call Harry.
  • Knife – This is the last book in the series so far, Harry joins the investigation team again but works only on cold cases. But things are about to get worse for Harry when one day he gets up and finds blood on his hands which is surely not his own.

Can You Read Harry Hole Books as Standalone?

You can definitely read them as standalone, however, reading “The Bast” first and then other books as Standalone would be a great idea because the character of harry hole is built as the series progresses and the first book will introduce you with character effectively.

What is the first Jo Nesbo book?

When we look at the publication order of the Harry Hole Series, The Series started in 1997 with “The Bat” Book which introduces the characters and his personal and professional life, further we find a complex case of murder in Sidney Australia.

What should I read after Jo Nesbo?

Here is the list of some of popular crime series with their order to read which you can read after jo Nesbo’s Harry Hole Series.


Written by Norwegian novelist and musician Jo Nesbø, with millions of copies sold around the world, harry Hole series is one of the most successful crime thrillers. Born on March 29, 1960, in Oslo, Norway. graduated with a degree in Business Administration and Economics at the Norwegian-School of Economics. With Increasing popularity of harry hole, two of his books were made into movies.

Harry hole series won many awards, for his first book in the series ” The Bat” he won Best-Norwegian Crime-Novel of the Year for and In the year 1998 he received the Glass-Key Award for Best-Nordic Crime-Novel of the Year.

Here in this article I have provided a definitive guide on how to read the harry hole series and have provided the best order to read the series. if you have any other quarries let me know in the comment

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