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Department Q Books In Order [What Is the Correct Order of Department Q Books]



A Puzzled Story with a Perfect detective to unsolve it! Department Q has it all which makes it one of the best Crime Thriller Series. Here is the list of all Department Q books in order to read.

Books (US)Books(UK)Year of publication
The Keeper of Lost CausesMercy-2011
The Absent OneDisgrace-2012
A Conspiracy of FaithRedemption-2013
The Purity of VengeanceGuilt-2013
The Marco EffectBuried-2013
The Hanging GirlThe Hanging Girl-2014
The Scarred WomanThe Scarred Woman-2016
Victim 2117Victim 2117-2020
In what order should i read Department Q Book Series

About Department Q Book Series

Department Q Series is one of the most popular crime thrillers out there with a sale of 15 million copies worldwide. Unlike other crime thrillers in this series all the cases which carls take are very puzzled and complex which makes this series tempting to read as a crime thriller.

The Writing on this book is not very intense, offend Humor is involved and a great deal of plot twist, with this a lot of suspense is involved. The Department Q series is written by Jussi Adler-Olsen, a Danish author.

Who Is Carl Mørck

Carl Mørck is a homicide detective who works in Denmark police and is the main character of Department Q book Series, He is smart and a expert in his work but has a very problematic relation with her Ex wife and has a son who choose to live with him after their divorce.

stubborn, arrogant and insubordinate and doesn’t likes to socialize much which makes it difficult to work with Carl, but when it comes to his work, there is hardly any which he cannot solve.

Carl Mørck gets promoted to department Q where he gets only cold cases when in a shoot-out, two of his colleagues, one gets dead and the other gets paralyzed and he blames himself for the death of his mate. The department Q story starts when Carl takes on his first case being alone in department Q.

Department Q Books In Order: How To Read Department Q Books?

Department Q series has eight book in total which tells the story of eight different cold cases which carl solves with his team in Department Q. The Best order to read Department Q books in to follow the publication order so that you can understand the character of carl which is developed in the entire series.

The Entire series focus on Carl, Rose, and Assad, the three in Department Q if you will not follow the publication order, you will miss the character development of the three. All the three characters have their past stories which you can understand only when you read the series in order.

Their is no difference between the publication order and the chronological order of the series. Here is the list of all Department Q books in order of publication

  • The Keeper of Lost Causes – Carl Mørck has been shifted to Department Q, After a few weeks of drinking coffee, Carl Takes on the Case of Merete Lynggaard, a member of the Social Democratic Party. She disappeared from the furry she was with her brother, five years ago. With the help of Assad, Carl Gathers important information which indicates that Merete is not dead, she has been kidnapped. Assad and Carl Teams up to protect Merete.
  • The Absent One – This is the second entry in this series.  Rose Knudsen joins the department Q and now they are a team of three Carl, Assad, and Rose. They take on the case of a double murder that happened in a boarding school twenty years ago. Two Students Brother and Sister were killed and the suspects were three other students, One of them confessed to the crime and is in jail, The second one became a businessman and the third one, Kimmie, a homeless woman. Carl’s intuitions say that there is much more to this case, they start to look for Kimmie for potential clues.
  • A Conspiracy of Faith – A Bottle with a letter written for help with blood, reaches Department Q, For Carl, it’s hard to believe why the case was not registered. Department Q teams up and upon investigation, Carl figures out that there is a serial killer behind all this. The killer targets the family with two children, kidnaps them, asks for Ransom, and kills one of them so that family shuts their mouth. Carl has to hurry before it’s too late.
  • The Purity of Vengeance is the fourth book in this series, Department Q takes on the case of Rita Nielsen, an escort agency owner who has gone missing and nobody has any clue. Upon investigation, Carl and the team find a connection of the case with Dr. Curt Wad and Nete Hermansen. An Unusual and straight looking case turns into a big racket of missing cases from years.
  • The Marco Effect – Marco Jameson, a fifteen-year-old Boy runs to protect himself when he realizes that the group to which he belongs will handicap him. In the process, the boy finds a dead body which clearly indicates that they were involved in criminal activity. Department Q must hurry to Protect Marco and uncover the scandal which will take them from Denmark to Africa.
  • The Hanging Girl – This time, Department Q takes on the case of a Seventeen-year-old school girl murdered and hanged on the tree. Initially, the case looks very Straight forward but upon investigation, they find that there is a hidden cult that is operated from the island of Bornholm.
  • The Scarred Woman – Department Q is going to face there toughest challenge. Rose their colleague has a problem of personality disorder and has a dark past. Her Past is again started to trouble her. Carl, Assad, and Gordon have to unsolve the mystery of murder before it’s too late.
  • Victim 2117 – This is the last book in the series so far, Body of a Refugee girl is washed on the shore of Cyprus. Everybody things that she has been killed by the waves but the case takes a different turn when its found that she has been victim of stabbing. Its on Carl and Department Q to find out who is behind all this.

Which Is the Best Department Q Book?

There are eight different books in this series that tell the story of eight different cases which are taken by department Q, out of all which one is the best Book in the series. Well, here in this section I have ranked all Department Q books from Worst to best based on their ratings on GoodReads.

BooksRatings on GoodReads
The Absent One3.88
The Hanging Girl3.88
The Marco Effect3.88
The Scarred Woman3.90
Victim 21173.98
The Keeper of Lost Causes3.99
A Conspiracy of Faith4.02
The Purity of Vengeance4.05

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Department Q series is one of the most popular crime thriller series written by a Danish Writer, Jussi Adler-Olsen. This series is about Carl Morok who is promoted to Department Q where is gets cold cases on his table. This series is one of the most successful crime thrillers and helped Jussi Win many awards.

Jussi Adler-Olsen started his career as a writer in the year 1990 and debuted in 1997. in addition to writing, he has also worked as a publisher, editor, film composer. Here in this article, I have shared a complete list of all department Q books in order of publication because that’s the best order to read this series.

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