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Charlie Parker Books In Order [Best Charlie Parker Read Order]



All things decay, all things must end, the evil as well as the good. Charlie Parker’s series is much more than just a detective on duty! Starting with a complex mystery the series will take you to a mysterious world. Here is the list of all Charlie Parker Books in order of publication.

BooksYear of Publication
Every Dead Thing-1999
Dark Hollow-2000
The Killing Kind-2001
The White Road-2002
The Black Angel-2005
The Unquiet-2007
The Reapers-2008
The Lovers-2009
The Whisperers-2010
The Burning Soul-2011
The Wrath of Angels-2012
The Wolf in Winter-2014
A Song of Shadows-2015
A Time of Torment-2016
A Game of Ghosts-2017
The Woman in the Woods-2018
A Book of Bones-2019
The Dirty South-2020
list of all Charlie Parker Books in order of release

About Charlie Parker Book Series

Charlie Parker series is a crime thriller series that tells the story of a detective who works in NYPD. Written by John Connolly, It is one of the most popular crime thrillers which involves the supernatural Side.

The Puzzle is of a crime thriller is very important, Here john Connolly has done a fantastic job! As the Series progress, the number of the question you have will increase which will finally get answered as the series is about to end.

The Atmosphere and the theme of series is very dark and the series not for soft hearted because writing of this series is very intense and it involves many killing and murder plots.

Who Is Charlie Parker?

Charlie Parker is an easy-going man who works as a detective in NYPD. The Entire series is based on Charlie Parker and his character grows as the series progresses, from being a depressed emotional man to a serious responsible man.

The series starts when Charlie finds his wife and daughter being killed and he leaves NYPD with only one objective retribution. As he starts to find “The Travelling Man” his Journey to a cruel, criminal and mystical world starts.

Charlie Parker Books In Order: How to Read Charlie Parker Series?

Charlie Parker Series has 17 books. The first books in this series is “Every Thing Dead” and was released in 1999 that tells the story of how Charlie Parkers wife and Daughter gets killed and he leaves NYPD with only one objective, Retribution.

The 17 Books in the series tells you the story of Charlie Parker leaving NYPD and New York and exploring the Paranormal criminal world in search of the one who killed his family.

It is Important to read Charlie Parker books in order because the character of Charlie Grows as the Series Progresses, you can read Charlie Parker Series has standalone but I would highly recommend you to read the series in Publication order because the story and focus evolve as the series progresses.

Every book has some clues and Questions which are necessary for further development of the story. Besides, you would miss the character building of Charlie Parker and his mates Angel and Louis.

Here is the list of all Charlie Parker Books In reading order

  • Every Dead Thing – An NYPD Detective finds, his wife and daughter killed after he comes home back drunk from a neighborhood bar. Filled with guilt leaves his job and starts to work on a missing women’s case for his friends as a private detective but his only goal is to find the “Travelling Man” who killed his wife and daughter. Investigating on missing women’s case Charlie gets a lead to the serial killing which will take him to a mysterious world.
  • Dark Hollow – Parker has left New York and is hiding from his past in Maine, A double murder takes place killing a mother and her two-year-old boy. Charlie takes on the case and he suspects Billy Purdue, Ex-husband of the women killed. But the case is not that straightforward, Upon Investigating Parkers find a series of unsolved murders taking place for generations. The Character of Charlie Parker is further developed and the character of Angel and Louis.
  • The Killing Kind – Grace Peltier is dead and the polices conclude that it’s a suicide but, no one believes it. Charlie takes on the case and starts his investigation and finds a connection between the death of Grace and the Baptist community which got disappeared in the 60s. Now has only one goal to find out who is behind all this? This is the third book in the series and this is where John takes the story to the supernatural side with a lot of questions that need to answer.
  • The White Road – Charlie Parker is in South Carolina, Daughter of one of the wealthiest families is Raped and murdered, Atys Jones a black man is the apparent killer. Nobody wants to take the case so the ends up to Charlie. The case is complex and to add, Aaron Faulkner, is in front of Carlie in the court. Charlie partners with Rachel to unsolve the mystery which will lead them to old evils.
  • The Reflecting Eye – This is the short story in the series, Charlie Finds it suspicious when a photograph of an unknown girl is delivered to an abundant house that was previously occupied by a killer.
  • The Black Angel – This book is the sixth entry and it is where all the assumptions relation of supernatural connects. A Young Black woman has gone missing and Louis starts to find her because she is his niece. As a friend, Charlie gets involved in the case. Charlie, Louis, and Angel team up and find that the women’s disappearance has a deep link to the ornate church of bones in eastern Europe which furthers leads them to the missing statues. People around say that a Monk captured a Demon in the 15th century.
  • The Unquiet – Daniel, a psychiatrist is missing because his truth about his childcare has come out. Merrick is looking for Daniel’s Daughter because he thinks Daniel is the reason behind the disappearance of his daughter. She Hires Parker to intervene, Now charlie is in between Those who want to kill Daniel and those who want to protect him. This is one of the most starightforward story in this series which has a constant theme of Angels.
  • The Reapers – This is the eighth Entry in this series where the supernatural plot is at its best! Louis was once a member of Reapers, They are experts in killing. Bliss, the leaders of reapers is now behind Louis because of personal issues with Louis, Parker and Angels Team up and are ready to do whatever it takes to protect Louis.
  • The Lovers – Charlie Parker is working in Portland Bar to manage his life because he lost of license. Charlie is stunned to know that his father, One of the respected police officers has committed suicide after shooting two teenagers. Charlie has to go back to New York, to where it all started. In this book, John writes a lot about the past of charlie.
  • The Whisperers – Iraqi war veterans claims to hear voices whispering to them everywhere while they are engaged in a ruthless smuggling operation. Charlie Parker is called upon when Veterans starts to commit suicide, According to death reports the reason is post-traumatic stress disorder but according to Charlie this is something Else.
  • The Burning Soul – A teenage girl is missing from Pastor’s Bay. Randall Haight, her neighbor hires Parker to figure out who is behind all this when she starts to get letters that have references to a girl killed along years before. But there is something that Charlie doesn’t know about Randall Haight.
  • The Wrath of Angels – A plane is found crashed in the woods of Maine, but No bodies are found except a lot of cash and a list of names. Two woodsmen take the list when they found the crashed plane and this is the beginning of series of killings of those who have made a deal with the devil and have their name on the list. Charlie Founds himself in the middle because even his name is on the list. Charlie is going to meet to of his Enemies Brightwell and The Collecter!
  • The Wolf in Winter – Jude, one of a client Parker gets killed and Charlie is on the case. his investigation leads him to one of the hidden communities of Maine, Prosperous that has a connection to a religious movement founded in 18th century England. Prosperous is very secure and wealthy but it has its own dark side.
  • A Song of Shadows – Charlie is relaxing in small Maine town of Boreas where he meets Ruth Winter and her young daughter, Amanda. Charlie’s Instincts tell him that there is something wrong with Ruth. Charlie is going to get stuck in a web of death in order to protect Ruth when a body of a man washes up on the beach which has a connection of Nazi’s Concertration camp.
  • A Time of Torment – Jerome Burnel meets Charlie after being released from jail, he tells him a story of a man who was framed for a crime he did not commit After which he Disappears. Investigating for Jerome charlie and his partners Angel and Louis leads up to Cut, An Isolated Area that has its own rules.
  • A Game of Ghosts – This is the sixteenth entry in the series in which Parker is looking for Jaycob Eklund, a private investigator. He teams up with Edgar Ross, an agent of the FBI. Upon Investigation Charlie finds that Jaycob was tracking Brethren that has connections with countless murders and the paranormal.
  • The Woman in the Woods – Body of a women is founded in woods of Maine, pathologist finds she died five years before but gave birth to a child before her death. lawyer Moxie Castin hires Parker to find out where the child is? But Someone else is also searching for the child!
  • A Book of Bones – Charlie Parker with his mates Louis and Angel are preparing to go to London in search of Quayle. Quayle and Mors are torturing and killing people to reassemble ‘The Fractured Atlas’ to bring an apocalypse. They are the reason behind all the death including Charlie’s Wife and Daughter.
  • The Dirty South – This book is a prequel that takes you again to the days when Charlie was working in NYPD and was depressed about his wife and daughter. young black women in Burdon County and Charlie Takes on the case.

Charlie Parker Books In Chronological Order

There is no difference between the publication and chronological order of the Charlie Parker Series except the last book in the series “The Dirty South” is a prequel and tells the story of Charlie Parker trying to overcome his depression while working in NYPD. here is the list of all Charlie Parker books in chronological order.

  • Every Dead Thing
  • The Dirty South
  • The Whisperers
  • The Reapers
  • The Burning Soul
  • The Unquiet
  • The Woman in the Woods
  • Dark Hollow
  • The White Road
  • The Black Angel
  • The Lovers
  • The Wrath of Angels
  • The Wolf in Winter
  • A Book of Bones
  • The Killing Kind
  • A Game of Ghosts
  • A Song of Shadows
  • A Time of Torment

Which Is the Best Charlie Parker Book?

The Charlie Parker Series is one of the most popular detective series which has a supernatural touch, but which is the best Charlie Parker book? here is the list of all Charlie parker books ranked from worst to best based on ratings on Good Reads.

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The Charlie Parker series is written by an Irish Writer John Connolly and the first book in this series ” The Everything Dead” was his debut book for which he got Shamus Award and the book was nominated for Bram Stoker Award. John Connolly was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1968, and before becoming a full-time writer he worked as a journalist.

The series tells the story of Charlie Parker a detective who explores the Paranormal World in search of “The Travelling Man” who killed his family. here is the list of all Charlie Parker books in the order you should watch them.

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