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Bernie Gunther Books In Order[ Best Reading Order]



Bernie Gunther Series is a perfect example of a classic detective Noir series, This series is about Bernie Gunther, an Ex-Berlin cop turned private investigator which takes place before and after world war II. The Series is Impressive and not forced, and I liked the setting of the series. Here is the list of all Bernie Gunther books in order to read.

Bernie Gunther In OrderYear of Publication
March Violets-1989
The Pale Criminal-1990
A German Requiem-1991
The One from the Other-2006
A Quiet Flame-2008
Field Gray-2010
If The Dead Rise Not-2010
Prague Fatale-2011
A Man Without Breath-2013
The Lady from Zagreb-2015
The Other Side of Silence-2016
Prussian Blue-2017
Greeks Bearing Gifts-2018

About Bernie Gunther Book Series

The Series takes you in 1930s before world war II and tells you the story of Bernhard “Bernie” Günther. He was a Cop in Berlin Kriminalpolizei Police but left he job and become a private detective because he hates Nazis and National Socialist German Workers’ Party is at rise.

Who is Bernie Gunther? Bernie Gunther is a detective and is known as the “wise guy” he is amazing at his work and is popular as a homicide detective. Bernie calls himself A social democrat who isn’t just a non-Nazi but an anti-Nazi. Bernie Smokes and drinks a lot and is the hero of this classic thriller, a true Berliner.

the story starts in 1930 before world war II and with a series of 14 books, the story goes through World War II till the Cold War. The series is about how Bernie a True Detective and an honest man, hunt for truth in a crucial and corrupt world.

Bernie Gunther Books In Order: How to Watch Bernie Gunther Series?

The first book in the series “March Violets” in the year 1989 and third book A German Requiem in 1991 and after a long break, Phillip Kerr took and Long break and continued the series in 2006. Till 2019 14 books are released in this series and were not published in chronological order.

Their are many jumps in the series, when the story goes to flashback in order to explain things hence their are two ways to read Bernie Gunther series, you can follow the chronological order or you can follow the publication order to read the series, It perfectly fine to read the series in any of the order.

However the best order to read the Bernie Gunther series is to follow the Publication order. The Bernie Gunther series is know for it’s complexity and the Suspance which is built by Phillip Kerr. Publication order tells the story the way Phillip Kerr wants to Narrate.

Here is the list of All Bernie Gunther Books in order to read.

image containing collection of March Voilets, The Pale Criminal and A German Requiem books from the list of all Bernie Gunther Books in order of release
  • March Violets – It is the first book in the series and the story sets in 1936. Nazis have won the election and Bernie has left the police department. Bernie is hired by industrialist Hermann Six to find the A necklace which was stolen during the murder of her daughter and husband. Upon investigation, Bernie finds a connection of corrupt officials which leads him to a tour of German society.
  • The Pale Criminal – Someone is blackmailing a Wealthy Women with Evidence about her Son’s Homosexuality, She hires Bernie Gunther to find out who is behind all this. Bernie partners with an Ex-cop but the cop gets killed during the investigation. Heydrich calls Bernie to work on a young Aryan girls murder case. Bernie starts his investigation and finds that the many girls are killed and blames are pointed on Jews. Further, he finds that many officials are involved in the case.
  • A German Requiem – The story sets in the time of 1947, post-war Berlin and Vienna. the story starts with Bernie Prisoned in Soviet prisoner of war camp in Ukraine. He finally manages to break out of the prison. While there are personal issues going on between him and his wife, Bernie agrees to go the Vienna to prove the innocence of his old colleague Kripo, accused by killing an American officer.
image containing collection ofThe One From the Other, A Quiet Flame, If the Dead Rise Not and Field Gray books from the list of all Bernie Gunther Books in order of release
  • The One From the Other – This is the time of 1949 and Germany still has scares of world war. Bernie is working as a hotel operator in Dachau. Bernie Meets former Nazis again and again which leads him to kill field in Ukraine. Bernie Manages to Escape and Goes to Munich to start a new life as a private investigator.
  • A Quiet Flame – Bernie Escapes to Argentina to protect himself from getting caught for being an SS officer during the war. Here Bernie Tries to restart his life, Local Authorities Calls him to investigate on the case of missing daughter of a wealthy former Nazi.
  • If The Dead Rise Not – This is the time of 1934, the story goes in flashback and we find Bernie Gunther in Havana. In the leadership of Batista, Cuba has become a hub for criminal activities. In the Story, we find that Bernie is struggling between warring situations.
  • Field Gray – This Book is the most historically dense book of All, In fact, some of the characters are directly taken from history. Bernie Working as a private detective comes to know many things about criminal and their activities because of which he is dragged into the Eastern fronts by Heydrich.
image containing collection of Prague Fatale, A Man Without Breath, The Lady From Zagreb and The Other Side of Silence books from the list of all Bernie Gunther Books in order of release
  • Prague Fatale – Bernie is back from Eastern Fronts and is working as homicide in Berlin. The city is totally in control of the Nazis. Heydrich invites Bernie To accompany him to Prague. After a week A body is discovered form a locked from and Bernie has to investigate on Heydrich’s command.
  • A Man Without Breath – Sets in 1943, this is the time Power is slipping from the hands of Nazis and Hitler is trying his hard to boost the morale of his Army. Joseph Goebbels hires Hitler to investigate a crime which leads Bernie in the Middle of Smolensk among aristocratic Prussian officers. This will the end of Bernie if he gets caught.
  • The Lady From Zagreb – Sets in 1942 and Bernies finds himself in  Switzerland and Croatia. He is here to speak at an international police conference to carry out propaganda for minister Goebbels. In addition to this Bernie is also maintaining his relation with beautiful German actress Dalia Dresner.
  • The Other Side of Silence – The story goes to 1956 and Gunther is working in French Riviera. Here Bernie is living a normal life with a false name and identity.
  • Prussian Blue The story goes back to 1939, where Bernie is hired by Ernst Mielke and wants him to travel to London and poison a female Agent. Bernie Doesn’t want to do this so he Escapes from German Borders. Friedrich Korsch Finds Bernie and together they both are investigating a murder, which leads to Hitler’s birthday celebration.
  • Greeks Bearing Gifts – set in 1957, Bernie is in Munich working as a private detective, He is hired by a private insurance company to investigate and chase down the false claims made on them. Once again Bernie gets a work which he doesn’t Want to do.
  • Metropolis This is the last book in Bernie Gunther series which sets in 1928, taking you to Early life of Bernie Gunther when he was twenties and was promoted to Vice squad.

Bernie Gunther In Chronological Order

Bernie Gunther Books were not released in order of chronological, hence the Publication order and chronological order are not some. There are many prequels in the series where story jump to Past. It’s perfectly fine to read Bernie Gunther books in chronological order. Here is the list of Bernie Gunther Series in order of Chronology.

  1. Metropolis, set in 1928.
  2. If The Dead Rise Not, set in 1934.
  3. March Violets, set in 1936.
  4. The Pale Criminal, set in 1938.
  5. Prussian Blue, set in 1939.
  6. Prague Fatale, set in 1941.
  7. The Lady From Zagreb, set in 1942-3.
  8. A Man Without Breath, set in 1943.
  9. A German Requiem, set in 1947–48.
  10. The One From the Other, set in 1949.
  11. A Quiet Flame, set in 1950.
  12. Field Gray, set in 1954.
  13. The Other Side of Silence, set in 1956.
  14. Greeks Bearing Gifts, set in 1957.

What order should I read the Gunther books?

There are two ways you can follow up with the story. Either you can follow publication order of the series or you can Read in the chronological order of the series. Both the orders are perfectly fine but the best order to read the series is to read in publication order because Phillip Kerr novels are popular for complexity and plot and this how he wants to narrate the story.

What is the first Bernie Gunther novel?

The Bernie Gunther series has 14 books, The first three books were released as a trilogy and after fifteen years other eleven books were published. When we look at the series in Publication order the first book is “March Violets, set in 1936″ and when we look at the series in chronological order the first book is “Metropolis, set in 1928″.

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The Bernie Gunther Series is Written by Late Phillip Kerr was one the most popular classic crime thriller writer, He was born in February 22, 1956, in Edinburgh completed his graduation in Law and Philosophy from University of Birmingham.

The Bernie Gunther Series was his first work and Field Gray book from this series was nominated for best books of 2011 in the Mystery/Thriller category by Publisher’s Weekly and 50 most notable fiction books of the same year by The Washington Post.

Here in this article, we have briefly discussed the Best order to read the Bernie Gunther series, we have discussed chronologically and publication order of the Bernie Gunther series and listed the best order to read the series. if you have any other questions let me know in the comment.

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